Property Management

Here at Construct-CDS LTD working alongside Infinity Keyz we take great pride in being somewhat different to the conventiona ‘high street’ agent, we want our clients to completely forget about the hassles of running their portfolio, sit back relax and reap the benefits of being an investor and not a landlord, after all isn’t that what it was all about in the beginning?

We don’t contact our clients with silly little problems; only with solutions, we alleviate all the problem solving and only contact you when absolutely necessary, and only when we have a solution.

We have a proven track record for finding great tenants who want to stay long term, and we have specialist skills in dealing with all types of tenants from the easy-going right through to the highest demanding tenants. We aim to keep our tenants happy, after all a happy tenant is one who pays their rent and stays long term. Isn’t that the ultimate goal?